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 Ash Miyagawa is an illustrator, designer, and botanical enthusiast based in Chicago, IL.


About Ash Miyagawa

Ash Miyagawa has a BFA in illustration and printmaking, which she earned from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2016. Since then, she’s been freelancing in illustration and design while also working closely with natural perfumer For Strange Women in Kansas City, MO. and boutique design studio Seedhouse in Chicago, IL.

Her work focuses on communicating esoteric experiences and ideas clearly and effectively to broader audiences. She is passionate about working with small businesses and works closely with her clients to bring their unique brand visions from niche dream to reality, translating the visual brand experience across platforms in a way that is accessible and marketable.

Her personal illustration work treads the liminal spaces between science and magic—revealing new biologies in interpretation of the details.

When not at work, she can be found insect spreading, houseplant keeping, or curling up to read with a big glass of Pinot Noir and her two black cats, Figgy Stardust & Jasper.

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Features & Kind Words

Oracle KC, Retrograde Craft, Witchcraft Mag, Homestead Apothecary Wise Words, Not Sorry Zine.

Partial Client List

For Strange Women Perfume, Oracle KC, Sabat Magazine, Lifted Spirits Distillery, Hidrate Spark, Homestead Apothecary, Simeone Deary Design Group, Cedar & Rose LA, Plant KC.

Current tinkerings: