Ash Miyagawa is a freelance illustrator and designer located in Chicago, IL.


In practice, Ash Miyagawa focuses on the illustrious relationship between hard science and soft magic. She is constantly curious, and uses meticulous mark making and the arrangement of organic forms as a vehicle to engage with the natural world around her. In this way she forms a new branch of fictional biology that is largely biographical in nature.

Her commercial pursuits include packaging design, identity or branding work, editorial design, web design, product and set styling, hand lettering, scientific illustration, and narrative work. Her personal interests include houseplant keeping, insect spreading, and reading while curling up with a big glass of pinot noir.

Most recently, her work can be found in the revival issue of Not Sorry, Retrograde Craft, and scattered around West 18th street in Kansas City, MO.

Partial client list: For Strange Women Perfume, Cedar and Rose LA, Homestead Apothecary, Arcana Entomology, Quite Contrary Farmstead, Choco! Artisanal Vegan Chocolate, Lifted Spirits Distillery.

What I'm currently up to: